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Landscape designer

Aurélie Gueniffey is a landscape designer with a reputation for making gardens that combine naturalism and structure.  She is inspired by art and nature and seeks to create emotion. 

Aurélie is based in Burgundy and works throughout France. She completed a Baccalauréat in Arts and a Master in international business  law in France and UK,  worked as legal counsel for 10 years in an international group before to begin a new adventure after being graduated from the Landscape School of Versailles. She now designs private  or public gardens with her sensibility and passion. The garden is for her sometime painting, sculpture, music often all.

She has designed a garden named “L'Ivresse des Elfes” with Florence Guin for the International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire in 2015. This International Garden Festival has been providing a unique panorama of landscape design all over the world since 1992. ​

Aurélie is attentive to the genius loci to create a timeless garden adapted to the place with respect for wildlife. She seeks harmony, claims a certain aesthetic and ethical, loves Nature, do with, rather against. 

Aurélie Gueniffey

Paysagiste concepteur

Beaune, Bourgogne

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